Special Drill with EF-Modular drill head

The product range of twist drills EF-Drill Modular is designed in particular for the production of drill holes with large diameters in steel materials and cast iron but applications in non- stainless steels and cast aluminum alloys are also possible.

The drill diameters of the EF Drill Modular range from 14 to 32 mm.

NAWA produces special stepdrills with the EF-Drill Modular head and with standard ISO carbide or PCD inserts to meet almost any customer requirements.

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NAWA Modular ECO Milling System

NAWA Modular is a modular milling system with standarized interface.

Standardized head blanks enable us to produce your individual tool in a short period of time.


ECO means economical but also ecological.

Saving Tungsten Carbide in the heads, saves you money in your pocket and is also good for the environment.

The NAWA Modular shanks are available in a efficient steel version and a hight end version made from heavy metal with carbide inlays for highest quality requirements. 




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