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4. September 2018 | Allgemein

Also in 2018, NAWA was able to earn credibility at well-known automobile manufacturers by completing some outstanding projects to their total satisfaction.

Project PCD Step Reamer

A European premium carmaker has decided to renew and to refurbish some of their cylinder-headlines and the machine tool manufacturer.

EMUGE, the threading specialist, was already decided to supply the threading tools, but for the step reamers, a supplier had to be appointed.

A well-known toolmaker even rejected the project, because they were not confident to meet the required tolerances, since the tools are very long.

After some discussions, our tool experts were able, to convince the customer to take the NAWA solution.

With only short time to manufacture the tools, we were able to hand over the tools to the machine tool maker and the customer on time.

At run-off the tools performed well right from the start and without any adjustments.

The customer demanded a process capability value of Cpk = 1,66 but the NAWA tools reach to an excellent value of Cpk = 10.

The production lines will be mirrored at a location outside Europe and NAWA is already appointed to supply the tools.


30. January 2019 | Allgemein