Seasonal   Greetings

The team of NAWA GmbH wishes you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.

The company will be closed from 22.12.22 to 7.1.22.

We are back in the office on 10.1.22.

12. July 2021 | Allgemein
Your Competent Project Partner

NAWA is your competent project partner.
You can expect the following services and more, when required:
– process design
– collision analysis
– cutting data
– run-off on site
– exchange of data via SAP-JAM

5. May 2021 | Allgemein
ISO 9001 : 2015 certification-renewal

NAWA GmbH is known for innovative and powerful tools. Therefore, the re-certification was also carried out quickly and to the full satisfaction of the auditor. But even without the certificate, which underlines our claims, you can expect exceptional and high quality tooling solutions from us, from design, manufacturing, running-off and the after-sales service.



18. May 2021 | Allgemein
NAWA Modular ECO Milling System

NAWA Modular is a modular milling system with standarized interface.

Standardized head blanks enable us to produce your individual tool in a short period of time.


ECO means economical but also ecological.

Saving Tungsten Carbide in the heads, saves you money in your pocket and is also good for the environment.

The NAWA Modular shanks are available in a efficient steel version and a hight end version made from heavy metal with carbide inlays for highest quality requirements. 




19. August 2019 | Allgemein