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Trade Shows and Events 2020

Due to the corona virus pandemic, many events have been cancelled or postponed.

Please check on the individual websites of each event, if the event

will take place or if it was cancelled.

Trade Show Country Date
Nortec Germany 21.01.-24.01.2020
SEPEM Industries France 28.01.-30.01.2020
METAV Germany 10.03.-13.03.2020
SIMODEC France 10.03.-13.03.2020
KONEPAJA Finland 17.03.-19.03.2020
GrindTec Germany 18.03.-21.03.2020
MECSPE Italy 26.03.-28.03.2020
INDUSTRIE Paris France 31.03.-03.04.2020
EXPOMAQ Mexico 21.04.-24.04.2020
SIAMS Switzerland 21.04.-24.04.2020
ELMIA Machine Tools Sweden 12.05.-15.05.2020
31BIEMH Spain 25.05.-29.05.2020
AMB Germany 15.09.-19.09.2020
MICRONORA France 22.09.-25.09.2020
MSV Czech Republic 05.10.-09.10.2020
SIANE France 20.10.-22.10.2020
EMAF Portugal 18.11.-21.11.2020
Metal Madrid Spain 27.11.-28.11.2020


We are looking forward to your visit.