blueCUT & hpcCUT mirror finish

We have developed a mirror finish geometry for our blueCUT PCD endmill.

n = 16.000 1/min

vf = 2.400 mm/min (0,03 mm/z)

ae = 12 mm

ap = 0,1 mm


The blueCUT PCD endmill is in a few sizes available from stock.

If the standard tools do not fit, we have developed a quick ship programm, to build your tool within 3 weeks.


We have been able to significantly improve the surface finish with a modified lead geometry.

With a normal face and should mill, a Ra value of 1,2 µm was achieved, while the Ra value  is 0,03 µm with the hpcCUT.

The cutting where not changed:

Both tools: Diameter 63 mm, HSK 63, Z = 14, PCD brazed

n = 12000 1/min

vf = 5000 mm/min

ap = 0,2 mm

ae = 60 mm

12. December 2019 | Allgemein